Dynamic Lines, Youthful Smoothness


Unlock Timeless Elegance: Reclaim your youth with Dysport, a breakthrough in wrinkle-smoothing for effortlessly refined beauty and enduring confidence.
Dynamic Wrinkle Reduction
Dysport excels in dynamic wrinkle reduction, seamlessly smoothing away lines associated with facial expressions, like crow’s feet and frown lines. Unlock a more youthful and vibrant complexion effortlessly.
Quick and Efficient Treatment

Experience the convenience of Dysport’s quick and efficient treatments, providing noticeable results in a brief session, accommodating even the busiest schedules with ease. Discover a faster path to rejuvenation.

Natural-Looking Results

Experience Dysport’s magic in delivering natural-looking results, harmoniously smoothing lines while maintaining your authentic facial expressions. Revel in a refreshed, yet genuinely you, appearance.

Long-Lasting Radiant Effects
Savor the enduring beauty of Dysport as its long-lasting effects grant you months of rejuvenation with just one treatment. Embrace sustained confidence in your ageless allure.
About Us

Ooh La La Med Spa the premier medical spa in Highlands Ranch, CO, specializing in transformative Dysport treatments for beautifully natural results. Discover a new level of radiance with us today.

What We Love About Dysport

Transformative beauty begins with Dysport – the dynamic solution for a youthful, vibrant you. Effortlessly targeting dynamic wrinkles, our expert treatments unveil a refreshed, natural radiance. Revel in the artistry of ageless rejuvenation, as it smooths lines and restores confidence. With minimal downtime, this advanced treatment offers a path to enduring beauty, empowering you to embrace each day with renewed self-assurance. Come see us to elevate your allure and discover the transformative power of Dysport.

You Deserve It

Reignite your radiant self with Dysport, the ultimate solution for dynamic wrinkle reduction. Our expert treatments effortlessly smooth lines, revealing a naturally refreshed and youthful complexion. Experience the power of rejuvenation with Dysport, restoring your confidence and embracing a timeless, age-defying allure.


What Our Clients Say

Dysport Before and After


Alia: Frown before Dysport treatment.
Frown after 50 units, Day 32.


Jill: Frown before Dysport treatment. Frown after 50 units, Day 31.


Salimah: Frown before Dysport treatment.
Frown after 50 units, Day 27.

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